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Free Bible School

This school is not teoretical / theological, but practical. If you desire to get close to God, get to really know Him in intimate relationship with Him, understand why are you here, get to know the truth and be free - than this is for you.

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Search inside video resources. Have you evever wonder when Dan Mohler or somebody else spoke about something? Now you can find it. Use keywords to find relevant videos and position in video.

Becoming Love

Collection of Dan Mohler highlight video clips and quotes organized onto twelve main theme pages, notes on the Dan Mohler sessions of the Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living, etc. (Unofficial)

YouTube: New Creation LIFE

Latest videos with mostly Dan Mohler teaching at various places. (Unofficial)

Other resources

YouTube: Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011

Harvest Chapel School of Kingdom Living 2011 was a 51 day truth intensive school with Dan Mohler.

Neck Ministries - Dan Mohler

Neck Ministries - homepage

Info, some older teachings, contact form

Lifestyle Christianity - Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity - homepage

Info, callendar, contact

YouTube: Lifestyle Christianity

Lifestyle Christianity - Todd White - official youtube channel.

John G. Lake Ministries - JGLM - Curry Blake

JGLM - homepage

Info, history, FAQ, contact

YouTube: John G. Lake Ministries

Official John G. Lake Ministries Youtube channel - many recorded events.

Freedom Ministries - David Hogan

Freedom Ministries - official homepage

Info, testimonies, contact ...

Andrew Wommack Ministries - Andrew Wommack

Jim Hockaday Ministries - Jim Hockaday