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David Hogan - SonBurn Encounter - October 2019

SonBurn Encounter #34 - Get on the Race!

David Hogan speaking at SonBurn Encounter #34, Abundant Joy Fellowship in Tarentum, PA, October 4 - 6, 2019. Three sessions total. Get on the race. Don't be afraid. We need Jesus!

You got to stick to your race. I need you to get on the race with Jesus and stick to it. Don't be infatuated, don't be engrafted.. Don't fluctuate about your surroundings. Stay focused and stay calm. The end of the line is down there somewhere and it doesn't matter what's in the middle. Jesus gave his promises, you have bowed to Him, it'll no matter what hell throws at you. And i'm right about this...

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Video: David Hogan - SonBurn Encounter - October 2019