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Dan Mohler at Restoring The Way, March 2024

Dan Mohler at Restoring The Way

Dan Mohler speaking at Restoring The Way in Burlington, NC, March 2024.

Part 1: Made in the Image of God - discover the depths of your true identity and purpose and spiritual understanding as you uncover the depths of your true nature.
Part 2: Surrendered Hearts - discover invaluable insights, practical wisdom, and actionable strategies that will empower you to lead with authenticity, compassion, and purpose.
Part 3: Renewing the Mind - From selfishness to surrender - Dan shares his personal odyssey of overcoming selfish desires and surrendering to God's divine plan. Through the lens of scripture and heartfelt testimony, Dan illuminates the transformative power of faith, guiding viewers towards a deeper relationship with Christ and a life of selfless devotion.
Part 4: STOP focusing on the devil and Stand in Faith. We Need More Truth Than We Need Pray! Truth Sets Us Free.
Part 5: Podcast: What is true Repentance. Going from Self-Centeredness to God-Centeredness.
Part 6: Podcast: Inner Healing & Deliverance ministry. Dan Mohler gives insight on what truly brings freedom and how modern ministries are actually hurting people not helping.

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Video: Dan Mohler at Restoring The Way, March 2024