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Dan Mohler at Harvest Chapel, December 2020

Harvest Chapel

Dan Mohler speaking at his home church Harvest Chapel in Abbottstown, PA. Sunday, December 27, 2020. (both Sunday morning services)

If why are you Christian doesn't agree with why He sent his Son, you will never enjoy freedom, you will never live what He paid for and your life will go up and down spiritualy and you will have highs and lows. People think that highs and lows are normal but they are not normal. You can have Covid-19 on the Earth, you can have political unrest, you can have all the stuff that people think is so tragic and not one single thing changed about why are you alive and why He's inside of you...

We are so taught "Heaven, Heaven, Heaven..." and most people are Christians for the day they die instead Christians to be ALIVE. And it gets all backwards. What's it matter if the whole Earth believes going to Heaven and we are living like hell? We make eternal life a thing, a thing on a day we die...

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Video: Dan Mohler at Harvest Chapel, December 2020