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Jim Hockaday - What is Reality

What is Reality

This 8 session series, 30 minutes each, about "how to make a connection to God". It can make you think and realize few important things :-) If you want somewhat of overview, you can watch this 1 hour youtube video and taste What is Reality about.

Am I really experiencing what I know in my heart, that I should experience concerning my relationship with God? Are my prayers being answered? Am I getting the results that I should?
I am a spirit being, I'm not flesh. My flesh is conncted to the world, but that's not how I bring judgement, that's not how I make decisions. I make choices out of my spirit connected to God. You must begin to change the way you see your life. Change the way your reality is. From your reality being "What can I do? I don't know what to do. I wonder who can I ask about this crysis in my life?" to "I am connected to God and if I engage my spirit in pursuit of Worship, there is nothing God can't do through my life."
"If you have a car, are you the car? Do you drive your car, or does your car drive you?"

It's all simple folks. It has to be simple and this is one of the greatest errors that we've missed. It's so simple that we've go on explaining things in such theological nonsense, traping people in all kinds of religious bondage...

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Video: Jim Hockaday - What is Reality