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Curry Blake - DHT - Doncaster, Australia 2010

Divine Healing Technician Training - Doncaster

Curry Blake teaching DHT seminar (Divine Healing Technician Training) (DHTT) at Doncaster City Church in Doncaster, Australia, 2010. The primary focus of the DHT seminar is to train believers to biblically and effectively minister healing.

Update: 01/2019: Uploaded fixed videos which you can also download in Downloads section.

As believers, we must decide to apply God’s word to every area of our life.
How many of you know that sometimes we're own worst enemy, all right? We get in God's way by just getting in our own way sometimes. If you have heard this message before, then you know it's vastly different from what the church has taught. I don't wanna say traditionally, because this is traditional Bible, but it's different from what's been taught in the church about healing. It's vastly different and the reason is so different is because it is Bible, right?...
Jesus lived as one that had authority. He expects us to live as ones that have authority. We must realize that we function in His name and with His authority.

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Video: Curry Blake - DHT - Doncaster, Australia 2010