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Dan Mohler - The Faith, Truth and Deliverance

The Faith, Truth and Deliverance

Dan Mohler uncovering lies that are keeping people in bondage at School of Power and Love Pennsylvania 2017. The Truth Will Set You Free ;-)

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Who's ever got stirred up in something and then something snucked in and started to shut that thing down or you look back at a season and said "Man I was doing good what happened?" The Gospel is so amazing because you live by faith... Your biggest challenge and your biggest fight isn't resisting the devil or trying to get or dealing with people or whatever people say. Your biggest calling and maybe challenge is understanding what faith really is and fighting the good fight of faith and staying in the faith, because the just live by faith. And guys, I am talking about way more than saying "Jesus is lord and I believe he forgave me of my sins and I'm going to heaven."...

Here's what the church says: "See brother, you need set free. You got saved, you just didn't get delivered, and all these years that thing's been hiding in you." And they think because I had an experience or a feeling, it's in me. And I have been turmoiling over this as a pastor and I've been praying for it. I was praying for about five years for the truth on this thing and I sought. I got testimonies from ministers and people that went through ministries. And I never wanted to be presumptuous, I wanted to get an answer on why am I troubled by this whole line of fault. Well that night I got my answer...

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