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Dan Mohler - The Just Shall Live by Faith

The Just Shall Live by Faith

There's a perspective in the Gospel that somehow has slipped away from us. The intention of God in sending his Son isn't talked about a lot and it's not really clear. It's usually "he forgave my sins so I can go to heaven" and that's where we stop. It's usually not so heaven can come in to me, transform my life, get me out of the old and put me into the new. And the just have to live by what? By faith. So your fight, your fight in life - I know we wrestle not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. I understand that Scripture, but that just means there's a contention, there there's adversity, there's pressure coming on your life. But your fight isn't even with the devil. It's certainly not with people. Your fight is the good fight of faith. Your fight is believing who you are now that He's come and why you are who you are. Like, why He's in you. Continuing in the call of why He's in you and why He sent his Son and never losing sight of the truth of why you're here, now that He came. And why He lives inside of you. That's the fight of faith...

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