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Dan Mohler - The Good News

The Good News

The Good News is amazing and it's so much more than going to heaven one day!

Here's the deal the Lord Jesus Christ came died and rose again on the third day and some of us have only ever been taught it was to forgive our sins and take us to heaven. And that actually isn't even the reason He came. Of course we're going to go to heaven and yes our sins are forgiven, but there's a way higher reason why He came. And I get concerned that everywhere I go across the country, the only revelation we have is that Jesus died to forgive our sins and take us to heaven. So there's no transformation of life there's no change of attitude there's no change of motives in life. We are still hurt, we're still anxiety, we're still selfish, we're still proud, we're still frustrated and we don't understand that those things aren't normal. That's not what we were created to be. We were created in His image, we were created to walk in love, we were created to look like our Father...

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