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Dan Mohler at Harvest Chapel, January 2016

Harvest Chapel

Dan Mohler preaching at his "home" church - Harvest Chapel in Abbotstown, PA, January 3, 2016. "Faith is a perspective" - 1 & 2 - Sunday morning and afternoon service.

My heart has been stiring for two months probably in a topic, in a message. It's not a bad message. To me it's the most foundational important message of our lives. To me and IMO, what I'm gonna preach this morning. It's so foundational and it's imparative. And I feel like it's one of those topics that if we miss it, we're gonna miss IT. We might receive healing and we might get touched by His presence, but if we miss what I'm gonna say this morning, I feel like we're gonna miss IT...

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Video: Dan Mohler at Harvest Chapel, January 2016