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Dan Mohler - The Sinful Nature

The Sinful Nature

I live through Him. I'm alive, sin is gone! I've been freed from sin! I could show you that phrase over and over and over in the Bible. And yet we preach the gospel and keep a sin consciousness intact and we're trying to live better lives. Are you kidding me? We're learning to be sons. We're already perfected. We're not waking up trying to live the Christian life. We're waking up being sons, redeemed, forgiven. "Thank you Father what a good day to be alive. The blood of Jesus is on the mercy seat speaking on my behalf and all you see is my value my potential and my destiny. And coz your grace is in my life surely it shall be fulfilled, because I believe your Gospel. Not what people say, not what I feel and think sometimes, not what I hear in my head at times, but from my heart I know your Word is true and I'm right in your sight and it's amazing to be alive in You." That ought to be our prayer lives...

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