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Dan Mohler - Deliverance and How to Live by Faith

Deliverance and How to Live by Faith

Don't be ignorant of satans devices. Dan speaks with Pastor Adam in an interview format about the schemes of the enemy, feelings, deception and much more.

We all have the same thing. We're all to fight the good fight of faith. Satan walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Now what's Peter write after he says that? He makes a comment. He doesn't say so you know "go into hand-to-hand combat". He says "resist him standing" - here's the resisting - "standing steadfast in the the faith."
"You're not called to feel better, you're called to know Him. And you're never going to get to know Him unless you go to Him. Don't be around the Lord. Don't hang around where they're talking about Him. Open up your bedroom door and close it, be alone and be with Him, because you'll get to know Him. Knowing Him will transform your life."

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