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Dan Mohler - Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Dan Mohler answers questions about Baptism in the Holy Spirit that people have and gives examples and testimonies, so people can clearly understand. What is the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit and being baptised in Holy Spirit? Is it important? Is Tongues for today? How do you speak in tongues? How do you get it? It's not a method! ;-) Compilation of Dan Mohler speaking about baptism in the Holy Spirit at School of Power and Love New York / New Jersey, 2016.

How many in this room you'd say you've heard controversial teaching on the baptism in Holy Spirit? You yourself have maybe struggled in some "what about it" because of different things you've heard, the way things have been taught and presented. You've heard some things that "yes", you heard some things "no" and you've just been kind of in limbo, but it would be helpful and you would love to hear the thoughts on the baptism in Holy Spirit?...

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