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Dan Mohler - By His Stripes We Were Healed

By His Stripes We Were Healed

Price to be healed is paid and His will is to heal. By His Stripes We Were Healed. But what if we are not experiencing it?

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It doesn't mean to take a shot at it and see if it works. We take a shot at it see if it works and after three shots we feel like "strike three we're out". "Maybe this is my lot too in life, or my cross to bear, or my thorn in the flesh" or whatever we say. Or maybe, there's something blocking in my life and maybe, I'm the log jam and ..." I'm just saying... I've been around this I know what we tend to do. No, no, no. That's because we don't understand that faith isn't a method we're applying, it's a life that we live. And you don't find spiritual truth through outcomes, you find spiritual truth through Jesus...

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