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Dan Mohler - How to Pray

How to Pray

Adam Bower asks Pastor Dan Mohler a few questions around prayer. What is prayer? What are various form of prayer and how to use them? How do we get transformed, how does our life change?

When I go to my bedroom - the reason I'm going in there is I want to be with Him. I want to know Him, you know? So for somebody that's a new believer. I think our biggest trap is just getting caught in formalities. Just letting church take the place of knowing Him. Letting serving in a ministry take the place of knowing Him. Because knowing Him is what will change your life. Jesus said this is eternal life "that you might know Him". See? That's a big deal. If all you do is come to God because you need forgiven and you're going to heaven someday, life's still the same, same challenges, same reactions. It's when you get to know Him that your life begins to be changed...

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