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Dan Mohler - Infusion 2009 - Becoming Love - 1.20.2009 - Part 1

Infusion 2009 - Becoming Love - 1.20.2009 - Part 1

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Becoming Love - 1.20.2009 - Part 1

Don't let life be your teacher, let the Word of God be your teacher. We made a tragic mistake in the Church. I sit here and we're worshiping and we're just praying and I'm thinking "God, we've become so divided among ourselves, so many little camps, rivers and streams and little thoughts of mine." A lot of cliches and spiritual phrases we say aren't even Scripture. They just came out from our experiences and circumstances and a way that seems right to man has been eating our lunch for long time. The way, that seems right to a man, it leads to destruction. It's the way we've been taught and tutored since the day we've been born in Adam.

Once we get born again, it's time to renew our minds, be renewed in the spirit of our mind, to not be conformed to the world, but transformed. I've been saying it all week and it's not a heavy phrase, it's not a condemning phrase: If I'm a Christian and I go to church my whole life and I respond and react the same as men that never went to church, something is missing in my perspective of why I'm saved.

It's all about New Creation. Galatians 6 says that: Nothing avails anything, but a new creation. It's all about being converted, it's all about being transformed from the inside out. Jesus said: Clean the inside of the cup and the outside will be clean. See, when the men fall, he didn't just sin, he took on the nature of the enemy of God and that was selfishness and self driven desire. The corruption that's in the world is through lust, it's through lust, it's through in satisfiable, unsatisfying human desire. It's called lust. We escaped that by taking on the divine nature, we escaped the corruption that's in the world. We are in the world, we are not of the world. We've been translated, called out of darkness into light, something gotta take place on the inside.

We are not praying a prayer to go to heaven. We are giving up what was never ours in the first place, to receive what we've been from the beginning. God is redeeming value and purpose and destiny through the blood of Jesus Christ. It's not about going to church and singing songs and going home. It's about becoming like Him on the inside. I'm telling you, this is the truth. || What would profit me to go to church and do Christian things and have the same unforgiveness in my heart as the person, that does not even believe in God. To have the same jealousy in my heart that the men has that does not even know God.

It's a Love thing. It's all about Love. See, in the beginning God said: Let us make men in our image. He's not talking about head, two arms and two legs guys. He is talking about who He is. God is Love. My created value is Love, my destiny is Love. The fall of men twisted and perverted 180 degrees my original value. No selfishness in Love, no Love in selfishness. We've became the perversion of what we were created to be. You get it? And you must be born again. We've turned that into a prayer to go to heaven, God help us. And we've allowed the selfish tendency of men to live among us without exposing it, confronting it and driving it out with truth. We've made it all about us. We've taken the Gospel of transformation and conversion and even made it about us in that twist.

Men offended at God, because their needs are not met the way think, men mad at God, because He didn't come the way thought He should come. He's not a busboy, He is not a Ginny in the lamp. He's God the Father and Lord over all creation. He's the potter, we're the clay. It's not like "Look, take it back, it ain't done the way I wanted that, what were you thinking?" I'm telling you, I've been a pastor for long enough to see, that we've embraced a selfish perspective of why we're saved and we've put a lot on God. Our prayer lives reveal it...