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Dan Mohler - What To Do If You Sin - How to Be Free from Sin

What To Do If You Sin - How to Be Free from Sin

What do you do when your consciousness is saying "This ain't it. I can't live this way" ? Dan Mohler is speaking about how to deal with sin in communion with God and how to be free from it. It's not about trying not to sin or trying harder!

So what do you do? You turn to be with Him. You can't change any of this to qualify to be with Him. You just got to turn to be with Him. And it might look something like this - you just get alone close the door take a walk sit on a rock pile a lake. I don't know but go be a long shut off everything, just go be alone. Right? Watch. "Lord I've been this... I've been all this stuff and the truth is, my life is more than that. While I was yet a sinner You paid a price and You shed the blood of your Son to get into me, to redeem me and to live in me and shine through me. This is NOT who I am and none of this is satisfactory or acceptable. I'm just renouncing it, I'm separating myself from it, my life is more than this right here. And God I thank you..." And now you're going toward Him now you're coming after Him and He's paid for this place for you to step into through the blood of his Son. While you were yet a sinner he sent his Son. He didn't say "while you were starting to get it straight". While you were yet a sinner. Why? He doesn't see you for sin. He sees you for his Son. He sees you for created value, he sees you for purpose. You got to separate from where you've been to where he's been and start living toward purpose, start living for true identity and true destiny. The only way to do that, is by faith. You got to put off the old put on the new and let your desire for that be enough...

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