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News / Changes

July 2021

Media (audio/video) from Freedom Fest 2021 - great series!

Launched with Lessons of Dan Mohler teaching at HCSKL 2011 (with fixed audio).

June 2021

I've been fixing and adding audio from various events of 2021, not so much videos because I'm not able to find that much time to do it, so videos are as they were recorded.

Added option to download all audio files (in folder / event) as ZIP archive so you don't have to download them 1 by 1. Now hosting 130GB+ resources.

Added Dan Mohler's schools to SEARCH so You can now search in HCSKL (KLS) 2010 and HCSKL 2011. Choose it from RESOURCE dropdown.

February 2021

Brand new website and domain. After years of New Creation being hosted as part of my Czech website, it has finaly moved to separate domain -

Added more media, videos to listen and download (mainly Dan Mohler). I also removed some things that I didn't want to share anymore (some TLR stuff, old Todd White's stuff, ...).

Search this site - use search filed on any webpage to find results from (Uses Google search)

I remastered Dan Mohler's old teachings which you can listen to on separate pages now (or all at once as before) so you can share specific message. Originals are still available to download.

New "Best of Dan Mohler" - Fixed some of the geratest mainly topically oriented messages and most popular videos that are now available to download and you can also download mp3 / opus audio.

SEARCH in media - you can search for "text" within many videos and audios now. Great tool to find where Dan Mohler (or other speakers) speak about something specific. You will find "search button"  under embeded videos (embeded video players) that can be searched, or you can use it directly.

Becoming Love - conversion and fix of this great website, where you can find many things from Dan Mohler categorized.