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Dan Mohler - Becoming Love - City on the Hill Church (2012)

Becoming Love

Dan Mohler preaching legendary sermons about "Becoming Love" at City on the Hill Church, Boulder, CO. September 23, 2012. (Only first service was recorded on video.)

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Christianity is not God blessing us and showing us favor and just making our way. It's transforming our nature and putting who He is inside of us in such a way that who He is shines through us - city on a hill. It's a big deal. It's lights that are shining in the world 24/7. It's love that's turned on and never turns off. Why? Cuz Love never fails. Love's not a decision, Love's not an attitude. Love is Love. Love is what you become. It's all you see, it's all you are, it's your only option. Love isn't a wide view lens. It's a single eye. It's not "I love you do you love me?" It's I love you, period...

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Video: Dan Mohler - Becoming Love - City on the Hill Church (2012)