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Dan Mohler - Interview and Testimony

Interview and Testimony with Randy Clark

Is it possible to go to church for 20 years and not be born again? Is God really real? How to go through extreme situations in life? Dan Mohler is being interviewed by Randy Clark.

I go to churches anymore and I say "Listen I am not a Christian to go to heaven" and the place gets quiet. It's my destination, it's not my mission. It's not the reason I'm born again. The reason I'm born again is to put off the old nature, the nature of man or sin...

This doctor said "Mr. Mohler, you are obviously a man with no regard or value for human life. For you to be in a condition like this and not seek medical attention is beyond my understanding. And because of this we have reason to believe now, that you have this and this and you will now lose your leg." And i burst out laughing "It's not my leg to lose or yours to take. I've been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ."...

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