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Dan Mohler - Meeting with God

Spiritual growth methods - Meeting with God

Dan Mohler and Todd white responding to question "What do you do to build your faith or what are your study habits?" Is Christianity about techniques, methods, creeds, rituals or is it about relationship? Is it about studying about Him, meeting with Him, or is it about being (one) with Him? You can get to really know Him through intimacy with God.

See, it's a relationship. I don't make appointments with God and I don't meet with God. He's in me, so when am I ever apart from Him? I talk to Him all the time, I commune with Him. When I read the Word, I never  read it for information, I read it to know Him. So I honor the Word of God, if He's lifted it above his name. I've never read my Bible for you, like to preach a sermon. I read my Bible to know Him and out of knowing Him I have something to say to you...

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