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Who is Dan Mohler (Neck Ministries)

Dan Mohler (also known as "Pastor Dan who heals" or Happy Dan) is kind of an (extra1)ordinary guy who lives in Pennsylvania, United States. He never promoted himself, didn't write any books, nor does he sell anything, but his life is impacting lives of people all over the world.

Dan Mohler went to church until he was 19. He was baptized, he did call himself a Christian, he knew and did Christian things, but the reality was that he was not really born again nor did he know God. He stopped going to church because he felt it didn't make sense to him.

In 1995 (when he was 33) his marriage was in ruins and he was about to start again with another woman. God came to him one day at work and told him "You don't even know if God is really real." Dan experienced there that God is real and gave his life to Him. Dan's testimony. He did not study any Bible school, but spent a lot of time in a hidden place with the Father and it changed him completely.

He was asked to be a pastor and he's been years in full time ministry. Because of many people's lives changed by encountering God and His love through his life and by revelation that he has and by truths that he preaches he's getting hundreds of invites every year and preaches in churches all over United States.

1 It's not that Dan Mohler is somehow special because to know God and walk with God and be transfomed by Him like Dan - that's for every believer!

We're not trying to get people to pray a prayer to go to heaven. We're loving people. And in that place people get converted and born again because they came face to face with conversion and new births reality. Did you get it? When I love somebody out in the street, when I stop somebody and talk to them, pray for them, my goal, my goal - this is where some of you evangelist folks might need to hold your chair a little and just really hear my heart. Don't cut me off in your mind. My goal is not getting him to pray a sinner prayer. My goal is loving them with no-strings-attached unconditional love so that they get a good look into the face of Jesus Christ. Because some sow and some water and God causes the increase. Love never fails.
― Dan Mohler

Dan Mohler's schedule

A lot of people ask about where to find his schedule, but Dan Mohler doesn't make his schedule public. Still some churches do announce him coming, so you can search Google / Facebook / Eventbrite for events with Dan Mohler.

How do I contact Dan Mohler?

If you want to invite Dan Mohler to your church, go to his Neck Ministries website and fill out the form. Please understand that Dan Mohler doesn't do any internet stuff as he's not interested in technology so everything on the internet was posted by other people as Dan Mohler doesn't even own a computer - so he won't reply to you or respond to your comments anywhere on the internet. Even the emails/invites - somebody needs to print them out and put them into his mailbox. ;-)