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Who is Jim Hockaday (Jim Hockaday Ministries)

Jim Hockaday was born again at four years of age. Experiencing the call of God at this time and the desire to preach, Jim led many to the Lord during his childhood. After graduation from Wheaton College in 1983, he has traveled and ministered with various musical groups including: Spurlows, Truth, and Living Word Singers.

Jim attended Rhema Bible Training Center and graduated in 1988. Immediately following graduation he joined the Rhema Singers and Band and traveled extensively with Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin for nearly seven years; during the last several years he had the management responsibility for the Group. Jim was the coordinator of Prayer and Healing School for Kenneth Hagin Ministries, completing his tenth year in May 2004. He founded Jim Hockaday Ministries, Inc. in 1991, and now travels and ministers full time in churches at home and abroad. (source)

"The miraculous is a necessity so expect the impossible."
"I find far too many believers who have NO boldness in the face of today’s hard times or personal trials. If we are trying to GET enough faith to win our fights then in most cases we have become preoccupied with SELF. When self takes center stage—cart before the horse—you can’t help but be unsure of the outcome."
"The miraculous is completely natural. Enjoy it always."
― Jim Hockaday


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