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Who is David Hogan (Freedom Ministries)

David Hogan was born and raised in North Louisiana. His family for generations before him were men who preached the Gospel. After being around the Gospel for many years he rebelled against hypocrisy and God and lived a hard life with drinking, gangs and violence. He and his wife Debbie were married in 1971 in Louisiana. While he was working in the oil field his wife got saved and began praying with David’s parents for his salvation. While on an airplane to the oil field in Alaska he received a direct challenge from God to be that man who was no hypocrite but sought after and walked in the power of God. He accepted Jesus as his Saviour and immediately returned on the next flight.

Upon returning everything was changed and he began to pastor a small church in North Louisiana where they had many souls saved each week. Later he received the power of the Holy Spirit by being prayed for. In 1977 after taking a trip to the mission field in Mexico he came home to find his wife also having heard from God that this place is where they were supposed to give their lives for the Gospel. They then moved to Mexico.

David decided to go after God for His power to see the miraculous, to see “signs following” instead of only religious hypocrisy.
(video: Testimony - How did I get to Raising the Dead, more about David Hogan)

"Let me say something that’s really remarkable. There isn’t a devil big enough to stop Jesus. That’s really the truth. Your emotions don’t have anything to say about what is going on. Don’t you listen to your emotions, you’ll always be in trouble. What the devil says, whether it’s in your mind or your spirit, whether it’s what you’re seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, has nothing to do with what the Word of God says."
"You believe that the full Gospel is speaking in tongues. No. The full Gospel is waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror and seeing Jesus. We don't look like Jesus, but we have to, it's our goal."

― David Hogan


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